Tuesday, 6 June 2017

What is MLM Binary Plan Software?

Businesses that prefer multi-level marketing as a source of earning profit, MLM Binary Plan Software is the most admired for them. It is developed on the Binary Tree structure that consists of two legs - left (Power leg) and the right (Profit leg). Since the term is binary, so every member can add only 2 members and the tree thus grows in a 2*2 manner.

The power leg enhances with addition of new members who are placed under a leaf node of the binary tree. In case of the Profit leg, when a member works to grow it, some compensation is distributed amongst the members based on the calculation derived by a formula. The formula uses certain value in line with Power leg that can be either 1:1 or 2:1.

The reason behind the widespread popularity of binary plan is that it offers the greatest revenue as compared to the other four basic compensation plans in MLM marketing. In this, members just need to focus on one leg, i.e. the "profit leg". This is because the power leg of your binary tree is developed by those people who are more experienced than you in your organization.

MLM Binary Plans, in particular helps the average marketers in the MLM business to attain success through network marketing. With MLM Binary Plan Software Demo, you can get the real picture about how the plan can help you, the products included, and so on.

Advantages of MLM Binary Software
User Friendly – This software is usually built in an extremely user friendly manner for the admin to have complete control regardless of having in-depth technical knowledge. It lets you upload your products easily, set your product cost, tax control and commission rates. Moreover, a single view of dashboard can give you the member details, email marketing, various reports, edit/delete membership package, etc. through admin and e-pin generation.

Security - We have carefully developed a secure code which is free from hacker attacks.
Free Demo – MLM software companies these days offer free demo services to help the MLM businesses get a clear idea of their upcoming binary plan software.
After Sales Support – You also get technical support, support for free updates.

Why MLMYug?
As seen, these plans offer unlimited growth potential, but can be pretty daunting for an MLM company to handle. MLMYug offers a great way in making the entire pay structure profitable and easy to administer. Our binary MLM software mainly includes compensations bonus such as Sponsor bonus, Matching Bonus, and Binary Bonus. We provide you a MLM Software demo to understand software working.

MLMYug tries to offer the best binary MLM software necessary for the MLM companies. The MLM Plans that we give are really easy and really basic to understand. More specifically, with our solutions, the distributors can complement the success and finish the heads. This is considered as the best method to accomplish the networking business. As far as binary plan is considered, the structure of the businesses can grow quickly which is really helpful. Hence, dealing with downline and calculating commissions becomes easy with our binary plan software.

The numbers of members or sponsors required are limited to a single pair. The starting is on the left side and the next on the right. Through the binary plan, a system starts to grow faster as compared to the direct selling methods.

All the benefits mentioned above make it clear that MLMYug is the right pick for getting binary MLM software for the multi level marketing. Apart from this, it is also very helpful for those who want to undertake the business structure. The fair treatment as well as the overall distribution maintains a contended environment. We have made the procedure of networking and business really exciting and inviting.

If you are a beginner in this multi-networking business, the binary MLM plan software offered by MLMYug is just the perfect option for you. The individual has to present their efforts and hence, that person will be able to earn comfort later.

Give binary MLM compensation plan offered by MLMYug a chance and earn the desired results within affordable rates you won’t get anywhere else. Contact us today and get a free demo. We will offer you the best deal.

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Monday, 5 June 2017

Understanding the MLM Binary Plan

While there are hundreds of marketing plans that are difficult to understand, one strategy which is the easiest to explain and comprehend, too is the MLM Binary Plan.

So, what is a MLM Binary plan?

It is a network marketing compensation strategy in which distributors are placed in a tree structure in the organization. In other words, this strategy is built on the matrix of two. Only two people can be placed on the first level. All other goes beneath at the subsequent levels.
While it is quite new in the multilevel marketing industry, network marketing companies began using the binary compensation plan between late 80s and early 90s.

The Structure of the Binary Plan

Since the plan is based on number 2, the name binary. Every distributor is allowed to place only two distributors on the first level, which are called business centers. The structure can be extended limitlessly. However, because of its limited width, it is sometimes referred to as a '2 x infinity' matrix plan. With this, it becomes pretty clear a binary compensation strategy has only two legs - the left and the right. Each of the legs can grow both on the inside and the outside, and hence referred to as the inside leg (profit/income leg) and the outside leg (also known as the power leg).

The outside leg benefits from the automatic placement of new distributors from your recruiting efforts as well as from the recruiting efforts of your upline. Marketers refer to this as spillover. Since the binary plan can accommodate only two members on the frontline, signing up of any new members will 'spillover' to available empty spaces in the outside leg’s downline.

On the other hand, the inside leg is filled only by the distributors sponsored personally. In other words, there can be no spillover into the inside leg. This is an important factor to consider when it comes to building a network marketing organization using binary strategy to pay commissions.

Advantages of Binary Plan

1.) Simple to understand - There are four types of networking marketing compensation plans including the unilevel plan, the breakaway plan, the forced matrix plan and the binary plan. Out of all these, the binary is probably the simplest to understand and execute. In addition, this is also easier to explain to the prospects.

2.) Spillover - Spillover is perhaps the most obvious of all the advantages of the plan. A majority of the distributors use spillover to lure their prospects to signing up with them. Common bait they put front is, “All you need to do is to sign up and your business will build automatically".
If you’re lucky enough to be placed on a successful and proactive upline's outside leg, your job is half-done. This is because you will focus entirely on building your profit/inside leg.
3.) Indefinite Depth - As discussed above, the binary plan places no constraints on how profound you can build you tree. It ignores levels simply. Hence, by balancing your two legs evenly, it is easier to build deep and earn a lot of money.

4.) Volume driven - While the width of the binary tree has limits, it does not matter at all how many distributors you have in your downline. This means that organizational size doesn't really count. One can add distributors who can produce big volumes and make big money.

5.) Fosters Team work - The inherent need to balance the business volume of the two legs encourages distributors towards helping their sub-distributors in the weaker leg for achieving enhanced business volume balance.

Wrapping up

To sum up, it can be said that the MLM binary plan is much simpler to understand and comprehend than other strategies. However, it still demands due diligence on your part.

Simply by understanding the rules, you can make big money with this plan. To achieve this, the key is to determine where to place your new distributors for the utmost pay-out. Just by placing one person on the wrong leg can make huge differences in the commissions earned. Hence, think smart and act accordingly.

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Friday, 27 September 2013

MLM, MLM Plan and MLM Products

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) means marketing strategy through which an individual efforts for sales for mlm products and services as well as the group of members and affiliates which are newly recruited by the old members and affiliates. The newly recruited members known as downline of sponsored member.  The mlm also known as pyramid selling, referral marketing or network marketing.

There are various kinds of Mlm Compensation Plans on which mlm business based on.  The most selected mlm plans like Matrix MLM plan, Binary MLM plan, Mobile Recharge MLM plan, Unilevel MLM Plan, Board MLM Plan, Stair Step Plan, Australian Binary Plan, Generation MLM Plan etc.

The company/individual which want to start their own mlm company need to sale of mlm products or services. MLM Yug offers their software and IT services for those who want to start their mlm company. We also provides mlm products for such companies.  So that any individual or company just need to contact us for the MLM software and IT services as well as MLM products.

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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Binary MLM Plan - MLM Yug

The Binary MLM Plan is most favorite compensation MLM plan chosen by most of MLM companies all over the world. The combination used with Binary is Repurchase plan. In other words, Binary with Repurchase or Binary MLM Plan with Shopping of various kinds of products.

In Binary MLM plan any affiliate introduce two new affiliates and grows his/her both legs one is called power leg and other is called earning leg. The most common plan now a days in the MLM industry is Binary with Repurchase plan. MLM Yug provides the best featured MLM Binary software with Repurchase including the inventory management of the business. You can also introduce the franchise system to spread your business across the wide area.

MLM Yug and team of the company is dedicated to provide such software which also manage the Inventory of the business as well as franchise.

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